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val_emmich_fans's Journal

Val Emmich Fans
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This livejournal community is in support of the awesome musician otherwise known as Val Emmich.

This page is to discuss the band, the CD, upcoming gigs, review recent gigs, or just to meet other fans and talk about completely off-topic stuff.

Val Emmich is no newcomer to the music scene, and it shows. Hailing from Manalapan, NJ, and a recent Rutgers graduate, Val doesn't want to have to use his American Studies degree, and therefore throws all of himself into his music.

At every performance, it is clear to the audience that Val is the real deal and that he's not hiding away in a corner of New Jersey anymore. Sure to blow the country away with his incredible song-writing and well-thought out lyrics, Val is continually going places. You and I both know it, that's why we're here, and the world will soon enough.

Have fun, and keep listening!

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